Yuri began the singing as a middle school student. She has joined to the school Chorus Club and participated to the chorus competition for the entire Kanto region. She got an amazing experience at a certain stage. After her singing, she got a warm clapping and a lovely welcome from her chorus club members.

“I never forget that amazing excitement in my life.” Yuri explained the impact on her life as this way!

When she went to the university she also joined to a band circle. Untill now she had an ordinary vocal training. But, after her arrival she got engaged with the campus music such as Pop & Rock. So, her singing style also changed with that technics.
After graduation and getting her master's degree in applied chemistry, Yuri becomes a chemical technologist under the chemical manufacturer. She went to England for a one year in order to improve her faculty. In that country she got so many great experiences as well as doing a job with challenging her life.

“I’ll sing your song in Japanese in the Fiverr!”

In Fiverr she makes a task as an experienced freelancer vocalist. She got engaged with so many buyers in all over the world. Because of her beautiful voice and the good communication she has got great evaluations. But she is doing all of this not for earn money. Because she loves singing.

From December – 2016 She began her life achievements. She got amazing opportunities to singing on the stage with solo live performances and participations for the band shows.

“I’m an unprecedented cat lover…! I dote on my lovely ragdoll…!” -Yuri-